The Importance of the Gas Meter

The Importance of the Gas Meter

For homes using natural gas to fuel appliances, the gas meter is a very important component and one all homeowners should be familiar with.

At Inspection Brothers LLC, we visually inspect the shut off equipment for natural gas as it enters the home which typically is located at the gas meter. A natural gas meter is a device that measures the volume of gas entering a building. Gas meters are used at residential and light commercial buildings. They are owned by the gas company. Several different designs and types of gas meters are in use today. Meters may be found inside or outside the building. Most modern codes require the meter to be outside because it is safer and more convenient for gas company personnel to monitor.

At a gas meter, we look for three things:

1. We check for the main valve. Gas Meter Shut Off Valve

The main gas valve at the meter turns off the gas supply to the meter. There should be a way to lock the valve in either the “on” or “off” position. There should be a lockable valve located at the gas meter. The meter and valve must be readily accessible. The meter may have a pressure regulator that adjusts the gas pressure that enters the building.

2. We look to make sure the gas meter shut off valve is accessible and there is adequate ground clearance.

3. We look at the condition of the gas meter and piping. Surface rust at the gas meter or gas piping is a minor concern, however, gas piping should be properly painted to reduce the chance for surface rust to develop.

The gas meter plays a very important role in controlling the flow of natural gas into the home.  Do you know where your gas meter is?

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